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The City Healthy Vending Machines Vending ServiceEating well in the city (New York City) can be difficult.  There are so many junk food options around, but not enough selections for the healthy eating conscious individuals.  This is even true in our schools.  Healthy Vending is out to change that!  Kids need to eat well, but it seems there only options are snacks that are high in sugar, calories, and cholesterol.  It’s no wonder we live in an obese world.  Healthy Vending was established to change the culture of vending in the city to one that encourages a healthy lifestyle.  Our vending machines (snack vending machines and beverage vending machines) have similar products to what you are use to.  The only difference is our products are healthy. 

Healthy Vending Machines and Services for Your Office in The City


  • Healthy Snack Vending Machines
  • Healthy Beverage Vending Machines
  • State of the art healthy vending equipment (continually upgrading vending machines)
  • Energy Efficient Vending Machines
  • Healthy Beverages and Snacks
  • Schools Vending Machines (we are big on schools vending and will go above and beyond state standards on nutritional restrictions)

We want to make it clear – we are trying to promote healthy eating habits, and not trying to force you to eat poor tasting food.  It’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between our healthy alternatives and the less healthy foods found elsewhere.  If our products didn’t have labels on them, you would never know you were eating a healthy snack.  They provide the same great taste and refreshing flavors, just without all of the sugar and salt.  The more businesses and schools we put our machines into, the more healthy individuals around town we will see.

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