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Healthy Vending Machines Rockland County

Rockland County Healthy Vending Machines Vending ServiceEveryone is familiar with traditional vending.  A vendor comes into your office or school and installs their machines (hope and pray they are reliable, right?), then fills them with a bunch of junk foods and sugary drinks.  Your employees or students then stuff their money into the machines and munch away at these unhealthy foods and drinks.  We here at Healthy Vending decided a change needed to be made in Rockland County businesses and schools.  Instead of unhealthy products, we decided it’s possible to eat healthy and enjoy it.  So we formed a list of over 400 great tasting snacks and beverages.  Those items are now being placed in our snack vending and beverage vending machines all over Rockland County.

Healthy Vending Machines and Services for Your Rockland County Office

  • Healthy Snack Vending Machines
  • Healthy Beverage Vending Machines
  • State of the art healthy vending equipment (continually upgrading vending machines)
  • Energy Efficient Vending Machines
  • Healthy Beverages and Snacks
  • Schools Vending Machines (we are big on schools vending and will go above and beyond state standards on nutritional restrictions)

We have spoken to many school officials and business owners that mentioned their displeasure for a lack of healthy alternatives in their vending machines.  Once we put our healthy snack machines into their building, they are no longer displeased.  Everyone loves the taste of the snacks and the health benefits associated with eating them.  It’s time you made a positive impact in your Rockland County office or school by switching to Healthy Vending.  We not only promote healthy eating, we also will improve the customer service you are receiving.  If a machine needs fixing (rarely will this happen with our state-of-the-art machines), we’ll be there immediately.  If you want a specific product, as long as it’s healthy, we’ll supply it.  Oh, and the machines and installation cost you NOTHING!

Healthy Vending is just a phone call away.  We look forward to speaking with you!