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Healthy Vending Machines New York

Free Vending

Healthy Vending Machines New York

Give your team the ultimate benefit of Free Vend. Your employees get complimentary drinks, snacks and food throughout the work day to keep them productive while your company covers the cost. Let us set up your breakroom and keep your employees happy and healthy in the workplace.

Healthy Vending New York Vending services offer:

  1. Variety: we provide many options that you can customize for your breakroom selection
  2. Convenient: multiple options that are a few steps away too keep your employees happy & healthy
  3. Healthy Options: offer your employees a healthier selection of food and beverages
  4. An Extra Perk: give your employees a healthy benefit to boost productivity
  5. Superior Service: we set up, customize and maintain your inventory ensuring its always stocked and fresh

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