Consumers Are Snacking More Than Ever in New York City, Especially Salty Snacks

People are busier than ever in New York City. And they are eating more frequently in shorter amounts of time. So it’s no surprise that snacking has become part of just about everyone’s lifestyle.

Healthy Snacks Vending Machines New York City

In an effort to understand this consumer trend, Mintel, the research firm, surveyed consumers on their snacking habits and found that salty snacks have become the new comfort food.

Three in five (62 percent) of consumers are eating salty snacks as a stress reliever, compared to 16 percent a year ago. What’s more, 30 percent eat salty snacks when they are bored, with half (51 percent) agreeing that salty snacking is a good way to relieve boredom compared to 25 percent who said this a year ago.

“Consumption of salty snacks is largely driven by emotion, including stress and boredom,” says Amanda Topper, senior food analyst at Mintel. “Consumers are looking for ways to manage their well being, and the impact of food on emotional and mental health is becoming more important.”

This is especially true for parents, the majority of whom say salty snacks relieve stress. “Not only do parents’ hectic lifestyles force them to snack while on the go, but the majority who buy salty snacks agree that snacking throughout the day is a healthy alternative to regular meals,” Topper says. “Brands that highlight health and wellness benefits can appeal to parents that are often buying snacks that can be consumed by themselves and their children.”

Parents are increasingly likely to snack on salty options while on the go (41 percent say they do this), at work (36 percent) and throughout the day (34 percent). Parents are more likely than non-parents to see snacking as a stress reliever (73 percent versus 55 percent).

Fifty-eight percent of parents say it’s healthier to snack throughout the day than eat regular meals (compared to 21 percent of non-parents).

As much as they like salty snacks, consumers aren’t any less interested in eating what’s good for them. Mintel found that three quarters (74 percent) of consumers are interested in healthier salty snacking options.

Three in five consumers (61 percent) say salty snacks have too many artificial ingredients, while four in five (79 percent) find it important to be able to recognize the ingredients in salty snacks.What’s more, 58 percent of salty snack purchasers agree that it is important to buy salty snacks that contain only a few ingredients.

But when it comes to snacks, nothing is more important than taste.

Three in five consumers agree that taste is more important than how healthy a salty snack is. A new flavor (38 percent) is the most influential purchasing factor for salty snackers, along with spicy flavor (30 percent) and limited-edition/seasonal flavor (22 percent).

Which is not to say that taste and health are polarizing Americans. Four in five (82 percent) agree that salty snacks can be both healthy and tasty.

“While consumers are concerned about ingredients and express interest in seeing healthier options on shelves, they still want to indulge, and flavor is a highly motivating factor. Brands that focus on products with bold, new flavors that incorporate simple ingredients will offer the best of both worlds to consumers,” says Topper.

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The Healthy Snack Trend Continues in New York City

Think snacks have matured, with little in the way of innovation? Then you obviously haven’t been paying attention to the annual Natural Products Expo West show. Every year, new products are revealed…and trends identified. Following this year’s show – running from March 10-12 – Claire Nuttall, a specialist in breakthrough innovation in the food and drink, weighed in on the most unique introductions and ongoing trends.

Half-Popped Corn

Healthy Snacks in New York CityIs your favorite part of popcorn those crunchy bits typically found at the bottom of the bag? If so, you’re in luck. According to Nuttall, snack brands such as Mr.Popular and Half Pops, are introducing this half-popped variety. The thought behind this innovation is to combine the crunch of a tasty savory bite with the puffed corn texture. Also, there are several flavor combinations already available.

Null Hull Popcorn

There are many people who love the taste of popcorn, but can’t stand the hulls. Well, Null Hull popcorn promises to be “practically hulless.” Using black jewel corn, which is a smaller grain than typical popping corn and is black in appearance, creates a great white color when popped with no crispy outer hull. These will also available in several flavors available, such as regular, sea salt and cheddar.

Trail Mixes and Jerky Combo Packs

The combination of trail mix and jerky has been available for quite some time, but now producers are updating the product to offer an even better consumer experience. The problem with combining these products in the past has been the moisture migration between the jerky and trail mix pieces. Some manufacturers have started offering dual packs – with jerky in one pack and trail mix in the other – allowing the consumer to open and mix when ready to eat. Other suppliers are simply separating the jerky into a packet within the trail mix package. Regardless of the approach, both options are giving consumers a better tasting product.


The overall hemp trend continues. There’s hemp rope, clothing, oil, lotion, shampoo…and now snacks. This was something that started gaining traction last year, but the momentum has only continued to grow. Today there are many new hemp snacks, with bars featuring hemp within or packets of flavored hemp offered as a standalone snack. Given the health benefits and growing popularity, this category is only predicted to get bigger in the years to come.


More and more people are avoiding bread, and turning to new, carb-free wrap options. The varieties are seemingly endless, with wraps made of kale, basil, pure coconut, and turmeric. There are also Healthy Vending Machines New York Cityseveral brands now in this category, including Paleo, Blue Mountain Organics, Vito Coco and Nuco. The popularity of these wrap options is a further testament to the rapidly growing interest in healthier snacking options. The first into these categories showed promise in healthier snack options, but the many companies now entering the market show it’s a demand that can’t be ignored.

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